What to expect from your Property Manager

Our goal is to build and maintain long term client replationships.  Our experienced team of highly professional Property Managers are committed to providing our clients with exceptional personalised service.  Our team stay up to date with changes in Legislation and are continually sharpening their skills through ongoing training.

We believe Communication is pivital to maintaining a good relationship.  Our team will touch base with you by phone, sms & email depending on what needs to be communicated.  

We encourage you to come along to a routine inspection to inspect your investment.  

Services Provided include (but not limited to)

  • Advertise on up to 10 websites 
  • Conduct Open Homes for prospective tenants
  • Thorough background checks on prospective tenants
  • All applications are presented to Owner for approval
  • Preparation of lease agreements, bond logements and condition reports
  • Collection of rent & payment of invoices on your behalf
  • Conduct regular quarterly inspections and compile report with photos
  • Attend to maintenance issues promptly
  • Notification of any breaches or changes to the tenancy agreement
  • Appraise the current rental market prior to the lease expiring
  • If legal action is required - presenting to QCAT